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Charan Kamal is an Indian Internet Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Marketing Leader, Web Developer Content Creator, One of India's Top Presenter and One of the Most Respected Speakers in the India. He started his Entrepreneurial Journey in 2004.
He is a keynote speaker who has spoken at various platforms and inspired thousands of young minds to pursue the path of self transformation and achieve success in all areas of life.

Who has achieved phenomenal success in the field, with rich experience of many years, have been instrumental in making this opportunity a reality. 

 His programs based on Positive Ideology, Self Transformation, Inner and Outer Dimensions of Life, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Motivation and Values are loaded with a very powerful practical solutions that have positively influenced thousands of lives.

“I radiate happiness and love to everyone. My every thought empowers others. My every word is a blessing. My every action is an inspiration. .”

Charan Kamal

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