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"Mental toughness is developed through consistency of effort."
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Mindset of Winners

Learn from the outcomes of yesterday and prepare for today with full energy and enthusiasm. You have one full wonderful day ahead to perform.

Failure does Not Exist

When Thomas Edison was trying to find the right filament to make the light bulb work, reporter asked him how it felt to have failed thousands of times. Edison said he hadn’t failed. He just discovered thousands of materials that didn’t work. There is no such thing as failure. You either get the desired outcome, or you learn. No matter what the result, you win . The past does not equal the future. By thinking this way, discouragement can’t get a foothold in your mind.

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If It Is Be It Is Up To Me

Every single one of the people in the biographies I read overcome some major challenge. Struggling through those challenges is what made them great. A piece of coal has to experience a huge amount of heat and pressure in order to become a diamond. We are no different. Every time we face a challenge. We have a choice to make. Will we get bitter or better? Decide to get better. Face the challenge. It’s there to make you stronger. You will need that strength further up the road when you’ll be facing even bigger challenges. Don’t ever make excuses. Whenever you make an excuse you are giving up control. Rationalising is telling yourself ‘rational lies’. Believe that you are in charge of your life. You are totally responsible. You create your results. You are in control of your life. You have the power to change your circumstances.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Commit to stretching. Put yourself on the line. Commit to do things beyond your current abilities. That’s how you grow. That’s how you get better and stronger.

Just do it

Commit to act even if you don’t know everything. You don’t wait till all lights are green before taking a road trip. If you wait until you know everything before acting, you’ll never do anything. Take a chance. Act on faith.

Be True to Yourself

Always act from Personal Integrity. Be true to yourself. If it does not feel right in your gut, don’t do it. Don’t ever go against your personal values. No victory is worth not being able to look yourself in the mirror.

There is Always a Way if You Don’t Quit

Mental toughness is developed through consistency of effort. On the road to the Olympics, many athletes much faster than me quit along the way. How do you think they felt when they watched the Olympics on TV? The price of getting your dream is something new everyday and we should share all that we know to be effective.

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