Gift Yourself Happy Life

We feel someone’s habits or behaviours are wrong and we ask them to change. In spite of our best advice people might not agree to change, because they are comfortable with their habits and find nothing wrong with them. We cannot make people realise their weaknesses. What to change and Why to change can be realised by each one only for themselves. Another reason could be that it is a consequence of our past karmic account.┬áIf we are judgmental and critical about people even in our thoughts, it depletes our power. The thoughts reach them and they start thinking negatively for us, which further depletes our power. This becomes a vicious cycle of negative conversation between the two minds. Important is to realize that no one makes us happy or unhappy. So we should not even take sorrow. Our response is our choice. We need to shift from our hurt and understand the mind set of the other person and see the reason, the pain, the insecurity or jealousy because of which they did what they did. Then releasing our pain becomes easier. It could also be that they want to change but lack the inner power to change. Everyone has knowledge, they do not need advice. They need power to change their habits, that power comes from our love and acceptance. Acceptance means no disturbance internally and then giving them our suggestion, direction or instruction. We can even take disciplinary action externally, remaining calm and stable internally. Focus should be on controlling our own thinking before trying to bring about a change outside. Situations and people may not be my way always. We may not able to change and control the seen. But have a choice how to responded that seen. I respond with the energy of understanding, respect and acceptance. I understand they are different from me. I accept the difference. My response how I think about it, what I feel about it, then what I say, how I behave and my every response is influence world energy.

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