My Past is Over, My Present and Future are Beautiful

Our mind creates thoughts based on past experiences, belief systems and information we consume. Fear could have been a deep habit owing to any of these. But the past is over, it is finished, never to come back again. Focus on the present and you will certainly experience a shift. To overcome fear and anxiety, please do this – Every morning, please spend 20 minutes to read or listen to pure and empowering messages. After every hour, pause for a minute and watch your thoughts. If there is a wrong thought of fear or discomfort, change it. When you become aware of your thoughts this way, mind automatically starts creating right thoughts. Watch a video of positive information daily, choose one positive point from there and implement it. Make sure you consume only pure, positive information from media and social media. Repeat and visualize this affirmation any number of times during the day – “I am a fearless. I am always happy and cheerful. I am confident and fearless. I think right, speak right, act right. My every action is right so I am confident of a perfect destiny. I fear nothing. I take the right decisions which are healthy for me and everyone else involved. I can do anything that I decide to do. My family and friends care for me. My past is over, my present and future are beautiful. God’s blessings of happiness, health and success are a protective shield around me.”

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