The Power of Affirmations: Why you should use them every day

Affirmations are positive statements that you can say to yourself throughout the day in order to improve your mood and your self-confidence. They’re short, simple phrases that are used to help you focus on your goals and have more positive thoughts about yourself and the world around you. Affirmations are often used in self-help strategies, meditation and psychotherapy, as well as religious practices, but they’re also used in some forms of alternative medicine to help treat stress, anxiety, depression and other psychological issues.

Affirmations are positive and powerful thoughts that we create for success in daily life. They radiate good and positive energy to our physical body, people around us and also to the environment that surrounds us. This energy creates positive circumstances in our physical well-being, relationships, financial well-being as well as personal and professional roles, which makes our destiny positive. Such a positive destiny then becomes the key to peace and happiness in our lives. So affirmations are a very important tool which we can use to create any desired result in life and even change negative situations into positive ones.

In visualization we use our mental power, imagination, creativity and emotions to visualize and feel our affirmations. The mind and intellect should be focused on the same thing. For example, our mind creates a thought ‘home and family’ and intellect visualises our family at home. We then start experiencing the love and comfort we feel at home. If mind creates the thought ‘home’ and intellect visualises the office, then we are not concentrating on home and we will not experience its comfort. Practice visualization by choosing a scene, create thoughts and visualise it and experience the vibration of that scene.

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