The Secret to Happiness: Why there is so little happiness in the world ?

There are so many people that feel unhappy, sad and depressed these days. The only secret to happiness is having the ability to look at life from another angle. Life can be wonderful when you look at it through the right lenses! Here’s how to be happy, even when life gives you lemons.

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The reason why there is so little happiness in the world ? is dependency. Happiness is not dependent on ‘anything’ or ‘anyone’ or found ‘anywhere’. Happiness is only possible when we are able to accept everyone as they are. That means an end to judging or resisting others, an end to complaining and blaming, an end to criticising and controlling and an end to competing with anyone. It is only when we choose thoughts and feelings aligned with our true nature of purity, peace and love that we shift from – asking to sharing; holding on to letting go; expectations to acceptance; past & future to being in the now. We create a life of joy, contentment and bliss, because we have the choice and the power. Happiness is a Decision.

Happiness is our Internal Creation.

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